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The study of Min Ryu Shinto Ryu is a long-term, involved commitment. Curriculum is based on YEARS of diligent study. Prospective students should understand the level of commitment and dedication the study of the martial arts requires. However, previous martial arts experience is not mandatory.

Because we only meet once per week, attendance is vital. If you do not believe you would be able to attend every Sunday at the appointed time or duration, we encourage you to find another school more suited to your schedule.

Certain equipment (shinai, suburito, katana) and clothing (hakama, obi) are mandatory and may require initial costs of money and time. We understand that money can be tight, so if you perceive this initial cost to be an issue, please delay contacting us until you are able. NOTE: Any equipment already owned must be approved (no “fake” swords, wallhangers, or iaitos allowed; shinai must be 500g minimum).

The only age restriction we employ is a minimum age of 18 years old.

There is no maximum age, but students must generally be in good health and physical condition. If not, please let us know any restrictions or special requirements you might need.

All prospective students enter under a probationary period to make sure that we are suited to you, and vice versa.

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Classes are currently on hiatus. This site will be updated once classes resume.

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PLEASE NOTE: Inquiry does not guarantee acceptance into class. Student acceptance is based on several factors, including current class-size limitations.